Recently added Open DNS (block?) Novice, here. Want to get rid of it. Able to clear its cache by following instructions on a Win7 forum: 1. click Start 2. type"command prompt" in search box 3.

The difference – and the advantage of VPN over DNS – is in the fact that a VPN also provides additional security and privacy by encrypting the data you send. However, Unblock-Us doesn’t offer just any ol’ VPN – they offer SmartVPN, which is faster than the regular kind because it doesn’t really encrypt your data. The Unblock Us site works by routing your DNS queries through its servers and helps you to change your location. You can change your location on multiple devices and platforms. This is the reason why the demand for Unblock Us is growing. Fix DNS Problems. A Domain Name System (DNS) allows a site IP address (192.168.x.x) to be identified with words (*.com) in order to be remembered more easily, like a phonebook for websites. This service is usually provided by your ISP. How to Unblock YouTube in Restricted Locations? If you reside in a country that blocks YouTube, you can access it with a VPN. VPN encrypts your connection so YouTube doesn't get your location information, thus allowing you access to its services! Get 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Unblock Me is now celebrating it's 5th year anniversary and it's 100 Million Download. Unblock Me FREE is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to unblock the red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way, unblock it with the minimal moves. Unblock Me FREE comes with 4 difficulties ranging from Beginner to Expert.

Unblock over 100 of your favourite websites, quick and easy! The fastest Smart DNS Service in the world. Built for speed and security, our Residential IP Proxy network is guaranteed to unblock any website. Jan 13, 2014 · DNS unblocking services have some limitations and flaws. First, the websites you want to unblock must be listed in their “supported websites”. In other words, you can’t use a DNS unblocking service to unblock any website so make sure you check out the websites supported by its service. Second, in most cases, DNS redirection services don DNS Server: Alternate DNS Server: . However, as mentioned before, the issue with using these types of DNS servers is that the administrator running them are still able to capture your info such as: Your VPN server’s IP (if your VPN does not use its own DNS servers) The time of the DNS query

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