Jan 11, 2016

On Jan. 24, a group of journalists, privacy advocates and internet activists called for software giant Microsoft to regularly release a report outlining information requests it receives related to Oct 17, 2006 · What is privacy? Most Americans struggle when asked to define privacy. More than 6,500 MSNBC readers tried to do it in our survey. The nearest thing to consensus was this sentiment, appropriately Sep 20, 2016 · However, the privacy policies for both DirecTV and Dish Network are clear about what other limitations of the Communications Act apply to what they can do with PII and CPNI they collect from you.

Could the Internet affect the way humans think? On the one hand, we have unprecedented access to an enormous library of information. Optimists hope that the Internet will teach us about ourselves. The reach of the Internet is creeping into countries and cultures that have been segregated from the

May 20, 2015

With a growing level of concern about internet privacy. That isn’t to say we’re going to have riots on our hands anytime soon. In fact, we would guess that the majority of the public is still mostly unaware of internet privacy and what they can do to keep themselves safe. But that number is shrinking. Slowly but surely. Internet privacy is becoming a growing concern these days for people of all ages. Companies track your behavior across websites to serve you with highly relevant advertisements, making it essential for you to have an encrypted online connection. This site gets dinged on the privacy policies score for not having a clear policy for dealing with users who ask to have their data deleted and for not providing an assurance of notice if data is Nov 24, 2015 · How do you reach the right balance between privacy, security, user trust and corporate data? This is the equation that government agencies and tech firms have been trying to solve for years.