May 27, 2019

38 must-know secrets and shortcuts for your Apple TV When you upgrade your Apple TV to tvOS 10.1, the Movies and TV Shows apps turn into a single TV app that provides a new experience—and changes the behavior of a button on the Siri remote. Unblock Netflix on a Sony Smart TV with SmartDNS or VPN Unblock Netflix on a Sony Smart TV. Tutorial: How to Unblock Netflix on a Sony Smart TV Using a VPN/DNS Provider. For those who wish to unblock their Sony smart television to enjoy Netflix, a number of steps will need to be taken. Unblock Netflix on Philips Smart TV with SmartDNS or VPN

Jun 25, 2020 · On your compatible smart TV or streaming device, go to your device's app store and download the Apple TV app. Open the Apple TV app and choose Start Watching. Go to Settings, then select Accounts. Choose Sign In. If you don't have an Apple ID, you need to create one. Then, use one of these options to sign in with your Apple ID and complete setup:

Apple TV 4K no longer forces you to watch everything in

Nov 22, 2017

The initial set up of an Apple TV can be done pretty quickly - especially if you have an iPhone or iPad to hand. But there are some further tweaks that you might want to do to completely Blockless Supports a Wide Range of Devices. Blockless Smart DNS supports a variety of devices: Computers, Set Top Boxes, Televisions, Game Consoles, Smart Phones, Tablets, Blu-Ray Players, and Routers. To find the guide to setup their Smart DNS with your supported device from their website: